About Us

Hi I am Joel Wells.

I offer professional help to both franchisee and franchisor, and can help each to find their best fit and get the best deal.

For the franchisee I offer guidance through the entire process of choosing and deciding upon a franchise, and help them to comprehend the workings of the industry. I will take into account budget, location, and expertise to find the perfect fit.

For the franchisor, I can help turn an existing company into a franchise business; offering all the legal assistance in preparing agreements, manuals and marketing, and preparing training programs for potential franchisees.

In the interest of both parties I can sort through the list of would-be franchisees to find only the best candidates; whereby saving the franchisor a lot of time, and also saving the time of interested franchisees that are not right for this particular business. I can then offer help to both the franchisor and successful franchisees by guiding them all through the necessary steps for setting up the business and for a successful working relationship.