Best Small Franchise Ideas

Are you thinking of opening a franchise business? This may be a sound financial decision if you don’t want to completely start a business from scratch and want to take advantage of the assistance that is offered to you from your built-in business partners who are also in the franchise business. Here are a few of the best franchise ideas to consider if this is the route you want to take in becoming a business owner.

Synergy HomeCare

Synergy provides in-home health care services to patients who require constant care. As a franchise owner, you will receive 5 percent of the gross revenue of the company.

The company has primarily focused on senior health care in the past, but the customer base for Synergy is steadily diversifying. You’ll receive franchise owner training through webinars, annual meetings and teleconferences.

According to an MSN Money article, most Synergy franchise owners have between 75 and 100 employees working for them in the span of two years. The company has grown about 950 percent since 2006.

Expedia Cruise Ship Centres

When you become a franchise owner of an Expedia Cruise Ship Centre location, you’ll receive 9% of all the profits.

Fees vary for the retail centre or the sales centre of the business.

You can start the business from your home or run a retail location in your city.

In the last seven years, Expedia Cruise Ship Centres has grown more than 80 percent.


MaidPro is a franchised cleaning service that allows you to acquire a staff and send cleaning professionals to the clients who request home or office cleaning services. As a franchise owner, you can make between 3.5 and 6.5 percent of the company’s gross profits. You don’t need to have previous cleaning experience to own a branch of this business, but it is helpful to have managerial skills. MaidPro has developed 126 percent in the past seven years.