Stage Your Home Successfully

Staging successfully is a process of using a detailed checklist on ways that the homeowner can prepare their home before placing it on the market to sell. When home staging is being done by the homeowner or a professional stager, there are steps that can yield a timely and profitable sale. Dividing the steps into […]

Closing a Mobile Home Sale

Completing a Mobile Home Sale: Know What Documentation is Needed to Sell Your Mobile Home Once a buyer is found, there are several documents needed to close on a mobile home sale. This information can be difficult to obtain; here are the basics. The required documents are as follows: Title This document is usually the same […]

Save Money on Home Repairs

There are a number of ways to bargain with a contractor for a lower price, but it is not always wise to do so. The first question when negotiating a better price with a home contractor is; how big is the job? If it’s tiny, such as fixing a leak, unblocking drains, repairing an appliance or installing a lock, […]