Choosing Hotels For a Golfing Holiday

Golfers have some specific requirements for their accommodation that other hotel residents do not have. These requirements are discussedĀ hereĀ so that an informed decision may be made. One of these may be to hire the services of a luxury airport transfers firm, but there are other considerations when it come to hotels.

When checking out hotels as possible bases for a vacation, it is easy to overlook the specific needs of the golfer. Cleanliness, hygiene and good value are expected by everyone, but travelling golfers, regardless of their ability, have particular needs. This article may be used to make a checklist of questions to ask prospective hotels.

Choose a Hotel Close To Good Golf Courses
In order to get the most from the time available, it is best to choose a base that is close to several good golf courses. Many hotel websites will list some of the golf courses that are close to them, but some lesser-known courses may be omitted, as well as some courses that are a little bit farther away. Only the person planning their vacation knows how far they are prepared to travel, and how many rounds they will play, so a small effort put into research can be very well rewarded.

Choose Courses That Have Good Golf Facilities
Many golfers travel to other countries and are disappointed with the facilities that they find, even on some of the best known courses. Buggies and trolley hire, for example, are not always available, and since there are likely to be one or two rounds per day played over several days, this can be a serious enough problem to spoil the golf break entirely.
It is most common during a golfing break for golfers to play courses that they have not been played before. Some “local knowledge” is always useful, so it is important to check out the availability of caddies. If caddies are unavailable, then printed “stroke-saver” or GPS-type distance and hazard indicators are very useful.
An on-site golf shop is essential, preferably at the hotel as well as the courses, to provide advice about the local courses, and to top up the balls lost or damaged during previous rounds. Some golfers prefer to hire clubs rather than travel with their own, and many clubs offer this facility.
Other items to consider are:
Are lessons available from a Professional
Are on-line tee-time booking available
Is there a safe place to store clubs overnight, instead of keeping them in the hotel room

Leisure Facilities at Golf Hotels
Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, massage, and swimming pool are all useful additions for a golfing break. A “sports” massage (rather than a light touch massage) after golf is particularly useful to drive away lactic acid that has been accumulated in the large muscles. Many hotels now offer these, and most leisure services will provide specialised sports massage, but it is useful to check in advance if they do.

Summary of Factors That Determine Hotel Choice For a Golf Vacation
A golfing break tends to be fairly short; perhaps only one week long, so it is really essential to get the most from the short time available. The best way to do that is to choose an hotel that is close to several excellent courses, has a website with a dedicated golf section, and that can provide after-golf services such as sports massage and sauna.