Ideas for Transforming Bathrooms

Adding a bathroom or remodelling a bathroom can enhance a home’s value and provide the homeowner with a relaxing retreat.

Because so many homeowners today want to have the ultimate dream bathroom; a bathroom remodeling project is indeed becoming a very popular home improvement project. In fact, the bathroom is starting to compete with the kitchen when it comes to the centerpiece of the home.

The following are the latest trends in bathroom design:

Making Bathrooms Larger
Because of the size and usefulness of the bathroom is usually a main consideration when buying a home, and wanting to increase their home’s value; many homeowners want to make their bathroom larger. They are knocking out walls to enlarge the existing bathroom, to be able to add more features to the bathroom, like larger bathroom vanities that look like furniture, and providing space for a separate shower area from bathtub, or even a walk-in steam shower. However, be warned – to do this properly, you should hire a professional builder. I recommend this Chiswick builders if you live in the area.

Adding Fixtures That Provide More Flexibility to the Bathroom
Fixtures can really make a personal design statement in the bathroom, so it can be very important to focus on fixtures.
A new trend today is a separate shower and bath, as well as above-counter hand basins. Many homeowners want to add a relaxing whirlpool bath. Other ideas are tile tubs, claw foot tubs, and steam showers. Homeowners are also putting more thought into bathroom lighting fixtures, taking into consideration the type of lighting and exactly how the lighting should be located in the bathroom for maximum effect.

Combining New Kinds of Materials for the Bathroom
Among these new materials are glass and chrome, as with the use of decorative glass above-counter basins in bolder colors bring a new look for the bathroom. Other sink materials that are popular are gemstone, stone, stainless, and copper. Glass tile is starting to be used in shower areas to help provide a more relaxing feel.

New Ways of Using Color in the Bathroom
White in the bathroom may be starting to give way to new color trends in this room. The use of natural colors will be prominent, due to the fact that these colors are quite versatile, although many are opting for bolder colors like red, blue, forest and emerald greens, as well as terracotta and rust.

Homeowners would be wise to get a design professional to look at the house plans, especially if they are going to undertake and make big changes to the bathroom, like knocking out walls. He can give advice on how best to proceed.