Some Ideas for a Loft Conversion

When you think of a loft you probably envision that cobweb invaded space at the attic. It is probably the most ignored place at our homes, which is considered the best place to hide old junk. But you can transform that wasted space into something useful.

Everyone desires extra space in their home, and a loft conversion done by a good building firm will spare you the expenses of building an extension. It will help you maximize on the already available space and at the same time increase the value of your property. For that reason a loft conversion is not only an economical decision but also an affordable way to create that much-needed space.

Although your loft maybe small in size, that should not limit your creative design ideas. With proper planning you can still come up with something that will leave you gratified.

The following are some creative ideas for a loft conversion:

Guest bedroom
This is one of the most popular choices for a loft conversion in the UK, bearing in mind that most family homes lack a guest bedroom. Thus, it will make it easy for a family to keep up with friends and family by offering them a room.

Children’s playroom
The loft is well away from the main living area; hence it will allow children to run about freely. The play area will also only need a basic conversion. Remember to conform to insulation requirements!

TV room
Creating a separate room for entertainment is a creative way of avoiding fights about who watches what! The fact that it is also not near the main living area allows people to be entertained without necessary disrupting each other. All you need is a power supply and a TV point; the rest is relatively easy.

This is a very cost effective idea for those opting to work from home. This is a good way to start a home business as an office in the loft will provide you with an ample working environment where you can work undisturbed.

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