Stage Your Home Successfully

Staging successfully is a process of using a detailed checklist on ways that the homeowner can prepare their home before placing it on the market to sell.

When home staging is being done by the homeowner or a professional stager, there are steps that can yield a timely and profitable sale. Dividing the steps into four stages: making a good first impression, presenting each room well, removing clutter and cleaning, and attending to details during the home is being shown. These steps are the key issues that real estate agents have observed from various buyers as they look for their new home.

How to Make a Good First Impression with Home Staging

First: Declutter!
Create a good first impression by cleaning the entry and making sure the front of the home is appealing to the eye. The homeowner should change or brighten the address numbers, manage any unwanted webs or debris, pay close attention to the front door’s appearance, and make sure to mow and trim the front yard to enhance the curb appeal.
The homeowner should make the entry and living room welcoming by removing any shoes and toys strewn on the floor. The homeowner should add a nice bouquet of flowers and make sure the lights are on to welcome the guests. Vacuum the floors and sweep. Fluff up any pillows and make sure the area is clean and clutter-free.

Presenting Rooms When Selling a Home

Kitchen: Create a spotless kitchen by clearing off any appliances and making sure the counters are clean; washing the dishes and making sure they are put away. The homeowner can wipe off fingerprints and water spots from stainless steel and have a nice bowl of citrus to accent the room.
The master bedroom and bathroom: Turn the master suite into a sanctuary or a place of peace and tranquility. The homeowner should make sure it is clutter-free, painted if need be, and with a nice set of bedding and pillows to show off the bed, which is usually the focal point of the room. By making the bedroom shine, the seller makes the buyer feel more comfortable about the potential space. Because the master bath is an attachment to the master bedroom, by adding a nice set of towels in the master bath along with some specialty salts, with this the homeowner can impress the buyer. The homeowner may want to clean up the closet and reduce the contents to show the storage space better.
Present an exceptionally clean and fresh bathroom, by washing everything with a nice disinfectant cleaner, check and repair the shower stall for spots or mold. Clean the areas well and again change the towels, repair or replace the towel rods, replace the bar of soap or fill the soap bottle and have all of the toiletries put away and out of sight.

Maintain The Home During Home Staging.

Tidy all closets by clearing out the closet and pack away excess belongings. The homeowner can enlarge the closet by leaving 10% of the contents in the space. The homeowner should allow the closet floor to be empty as well as clean, and they should consider freshly painted walls and scuff marks repaired. This way the buyer or client remembers a large and clean closet space.
Brighten the walls if need be, add a nice neutral color to the walls and make sure that any wild colors are minimal. The homeowner must make sure any unsightly areas are clean and freshly painted to show off the home in a pristine manner. The homeowner ought to use the appropriate sheens for every space, and try to eliminate any outdated and worn-out wallpaper.
Reduce clutter to a minimum, the most important aspect of staging the home is by reducing any clutter that may be unsightly. The homeowner should make sure to pack everything up not being used and store it cleanly in the garage. Buyers want to envision their own items in the home. This is the key to a faster sell.

Attend to Details During the Marketing

Thoroughly prepare the garage, backyard and pet kennel by making sure that if the garage is full, pack up the belongings in boxes and make sure the space is organized. The homeowner is moving, after all, and they want to look as if they are ready to vacate the space. The homeowner should clean up the backyard, and hose it down to make the area fresh and clean. Mow the lawn and add some flowers to various areas to show character. The homeowner must make sure the kennel is clean and the animals are secure. The homeowner can leave a note for the real-estate agent and buyer if there are special instructions for felines or little dogs that like to wander off.
Create an attractive environment. Many home buyers have very personal tastes; when a homeowner shows their home; they should remove any personal aspects of the family, and any religious or collecting habits. If the buyer has a clean slate to look at, they can perceive themselves in the home and not feel that they are taking something away from the homeowner.

Home stagers apply this ┬ástaging strategy, and understand by experience that their clients can effectively prepare their homes and promote a quick and successful sale. In today’s tough market, the homeowner can use this process to partner with home stagers and real-estate agents to prepare the home and guarantee the sale of the home for the best price.