Update your Kitchen on a Budget

Use these great tips to redecorate your kitchen for less:
Kitchens tend to be the heart of the home, where everyone gathers together for a variety of activities. Because your kitchen is used so often it can feel staid pretty quickly so a little redecorating can go a long way toward making the kitchen feel fresh and exciting again. And, as an extra bonus, you’re more apt to get a return on any money you spend redecorating your kitchen or bathroom when you sell your home. Even if you’re decorating on a budget.

The following tips for redecorating your kitchen for less, can be used separately or combined together for a more noticeable change in your kitchen décor.

New Hardware
Install new hardware on your cupboards and drawers. Just simple drawer pulls and hinges can make cupboards look fresh and new.

Add Paint
With your tight budget painting the entire kitchen may not be in the cards, but you could paint a border, stretch the paint and do a color wash or other faux finishing technique, use some paint you already have, or borrow from friends and create your own wall artwork. Paint cupboards, accessories, photo frames, shelving units, bar stools, an old dining table, anything you can think of that could use a splash of color.

Window Treatments
If you can sew then you can easily create new and exciting window treatments, but there are ways to make no-sew curtains that look just as fantastic as store bought ones, and they’re less expensive.

Table Settings
Buy fabric to create new linens for your table top including tablecloths, place settings and napkins. If you don’t want the extra work of a do it yourself project, simply buy these items.

Edible Decorations
Find a series of glass vases, wicker baskets, or other containers that you really like, and create several centerpieces filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. These items are easy to find, inexpensive, and you can actually use them too.

Find some inexpensive shelves and mount them in the kitchen to display cookbooks, jars of baking necessities, vases or decorative elements, or you can put in cubby type shelves to hold supplies and other stuff that accumulates in the kitchen.

In a kitchen, lighting means everything. Usually lighting is pretty expensive but with some legwork you can find some options that will fit within your kitchen decorating budget.

Use the Good China
Rather that storing your good china and silverware and only using it once or twice a year, display it for all to see: Create a focal point or border by lining up plates. Frame silverware and let them make an artistic statement too.

Mismatched Plates
You may be able to find plates cheaply, especially if you’re shopping off season sales. But going mismatched is cheaper and more fun. Scour garage sales, resale shops and close-outs for individual plates, or place settings on sale; create your own eclectic style.

New Seating
While purchasing new chairs or bar stools is probably out of your redecorating budget, you can find seat cushions and slip covers which will give them an entirely new look and add energy to the table.

Always remember to shop wisely and creatively when decorating on a budget, and you’ll be able to stretch your money further and get better results. To give the rest of your home a boost, consider using a budget to redecorate your bath, rejuvenate a bedroom, and spice up a living room.