What are E-Cigs (and why we love Aspire E-Cigs)

According to various reports, one out of five Americans dies due to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The ingredients in tobacco smoke like carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde, lots of carcinogens and arsenic can cause smoke-related health problems including cancer and respiratory issues. In order to reduce or avoid these health risks, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are basically used as an alternative system to deliver nicotine.

Electronic Cigarette as Smokeless Cigarette

Instead of burning tobacco leaves to give pungent thick smoke E-cigarettes produce vapours by heating pure medical grade nicotine used in them. For this reason these vapours are like the vapour produced by the boiling water instead of the smoke produced by burning tobacco. In fact, e-cigarette heats up the liquid infused in it instead of burning it. It also reduces the number of harmful chemical ingredients found in tobacco cigarette smoke to a considerable level.

Design of e-cigarettes

The design of e-cigarettes looks almost similar to tobacco cigarettes but usually they are a bit thicker than the later ones. Most of the e-cigs have a butt screwed to a longer part to make it look like a real cigarette. In order to make it look more like tobacco cigarette some manufacturers give spotted affect on its butt. When you inhale through e-cig its other tip lights up like the ember.

Working of E-Cigarettes

An e-cigarette has three main components – a lithium ion battery, an atomiser and e-liquid. The longer part of e-cig contains its battery and its screwed part contains the e-liquid and atomiser. E-liquid contains concentrated nicotine infused liquid which is turned into vapours when the heater in its atomiser, powered by its battery, heats it. The battery of the electronic cigarette gets activated to start the entire process of generating vapours when the user inhales it through its mouthpiece. Along with infused nicotine an e-liquid contains several other ingredients like propylene glycol, some FDA approved food flavourings and water to make it easy to use every time.

Benefits of E-Cigarettes

The users can start inhaling through e-cigarettes like real cigarettes just by screwing the battery into the cartridge. But it does not produce any smoke, smell, butts or ash as nothing is burnt in them. The e-liquid used in it contains only nicotine and some flavour to develop an amazing taste and flavour. The consumption of only nicotine reduces the risk of tar, carcinogens and other disease-causing elements.

The e-cigarettes are basically designed to reduce the harms caused by tobacco cigarettes. Though the harmful effects of e-cigs are not known until now still they are considered to be safer than tobacco cigarettes. The users of vaping devices get sensation and nicotine they crave for while quitting smoking but without risky elements.

Starting to use Aspire e-cigs

So if you want to quit smoking then inhaling vapours produced by e-cigarettes is a better option. You can find various types of e-cigarettes in the market to vape but we’ve had some great success with the Aspire range. You can pick up some of these from the following link: aspire e cig uk If you are not sure about its effect then you can start vaping with disposable e-cigarettes which are cheaper than the starter kits used by regular e-smokers.