What Franchise Is Cheap To Start?

If you are seriously considering owning a franchise business, one of the factors you’ve given some thought is how much it will take for you to start your company. There are a number of lucrative franchise businesses that will result in a profit for you, without your having to pay a lot of money upfront to get started. Depending on your interests, here are a few franchises you may be interested in.


Subway ShopThis popular sandwich shop is a franchise that continues to draw in millions of customers every day. In fact, Entrepreneur Magazine named it the #1 franchise to start in 2010.

It may be best to open up the sandwich shop if you live in a small town where there isn’t a lot of competition, or if you find a place in your city that doesn’t give people who live or work in the area a lot of options for lunch or dinner.

According to Investopedia, it will cost you as much as an upper middle class yearly salary to get started, and you can open up your franchise anywhere zoning will permit, without having to invest in heavy machinery like fryers and grills.

ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean FranchiseServiceMaster Clean focuses on restoring areas after a disaster; the company also offers cleaning services for homes and businesses.

You’ll only need three employees to get your business started and can work from your home.

Financing is offered for nearly every operational aspect of the company.


7-Eleven FranchiseThis convenience store franchise is another company that is steadily growing. Financing for the franchise fees is available, and there is no cash liquidity requirement to get started.

However, total investment costs can vary depending on where you decide to open your business, as this will help determine how many customers you get. You’ll need between seven and 10 employees to get the franchise up and running.