What Is The Best E Cig For Heavy Vaping?

Newcomers into the vaping world (or for that matter anyone seeking an increase in quality) will want to select the best kit to get them going and the answer to the question of which is the best electronic cigarette starter kit is Volcano’s Inferno set-up. Their starter kit provides an unbeatable combination of long lasting battery life coupled with great performance and the quality of the kit shines through.

The starter kit comes supplied with two batteries, as both a 650mAH and a 900mAH pass-through Volcano Inferno battery are included. This is a great advantage as obviously one battery can be charged up while the other is in use but Volcano have taken this a step further as the pass-through battery even allows for vaping to continue while the battery’s charging is in progress which in itself is quite remarkable! With a choice of five colours, the battery is also stylish in design.

The kit includes adequate charging facilities with a wall charging adapter and a mini USB charging cable included. The rest of the starter pack is made up with a Tube Tank BCT set-up with a chrome drip tip, a very useful pack of three replacement heating coils which are in addition to the one supplied and also a bottle of Premium e-liquid which is fifteen millilitres in size.

The Inferno really comes into its own with the Tube Tank that holds an impressive quarter of a bottle of e-liquid at a time and therefore there is no need for it to be constantly refilled. As the presence of the tank means increased vapour production with no need for the voltage of the battery to be increased, there is none of that hot and dry harshness associated with some rival products. The tank can be filled directly from a bottle of e-liquid, but a visit to Volcano’s accessories store will make the job that much easier through the needle tip bottle cap that they supply.

There are so many things to like about the Inferno from the long life of the battery through to the increased vapour production that we have not even yet mentioned one of Volcano’s strongest selling points – the huge range of e-liquid available that make the enjoyment of this product even better. Four different strengths (24, 16, 8 and 0mg/ml) are available across a range of fifteen flavours all of which have been inspired by the volcanic islands of Hawaii.